If you want to improve sales productivity and generate more revenue per rep, you need a proven sales methodology you can reinforce. When we talk about sales transformation, we mean changing the behaviors of your salespeople in a way that drives results.

Simply scheduling a training event is not going to drive measurable impact. You need to optimize that program for success.

Plan and Commit

If you want to achieve best-in-class results from your sales training program, you must commit time and resources. A well-planned strategy and long-term commitment are essentials for companies that maximize training benefits. A successful sales enablement program can’t be treated as an event. From the top down, leaders need to commit to the initiative for the long term. Adoption of new initiatives generally takes a year or more. A focused and sustained effort and the fostering of reasonable expectations is required to achieve organizational expertise and effectiveness.

Focus on Execution

One of the most important components is to ensure the transformation initiative is relevant to the people who are leading and participating in the effort. Throughout your sales transformation, different motivations are at play, and different actions will be required on the part of individuals and teams to successfully move through the phases of change. Understanding these key motivators within your organization will help drive relevance. Remember:

  • Salespeople pay attention to how leadership behaves. Ensure leadership is setting an example that drives execution.
  • Sales managers need to have the ability to translate the training into tactics and actions for the reps.
  • Provide the how. Don’t just tell reps what to do. Provide them the way in which they need to execute.

Consumable Content

Reinforcement is a key component to driving successful sales transformation. If you make the investment on a sales initiative, you need a plan to ensure the methodologies are adopted. Otherwise, why spend the money?

Reinforcement will be easier if the content is relatable and consumable for your sales team. Think one-sheets, not binders. Because your sales team will be able to use the content and tools immediately after training with their current and prospective accounts, they’ll see the benefits quicker. Buy-in will be easier because they’ll have success earlier with the new initiative.