Chally’s solutions are built from over 40 years of research, experience, and accumulated data.

  • Library of over 140 competencies/skills/behaviors which allows for very specific role formatting
  • Database of over 500,000 professionals including sales, management, leadership and individual contributors
  • Over 400 custom validation studies
  • World Class Sales research sales database with data from 80,000 customers and over 7500 sales forces

Proven by Independent Research

Chally has been proven by independent research firms to be THE provider of choice for organizational potential and performance measurement needs. Two independent research firms, Aberdeen Group and CSO Insights, have conducted studies revealing that companies who use Chally’s talent management solutions have far exceeded sales performance results compared to companies using conventional methods.

Key findings from a survey administered by CSO Insights on selection testing results proved that companies that use Chally’s sales solutions have higher win rates:

  • Over 10% higher win rate than companies that do not use testing
  • 7% improvement over other pre-employment assessment methods
  • Over 90% of respondents rating Chally’s solution reported an improvement in performance
  • Sales reps selected by Chally meet quota
  • Companies using Chally significantly reduced sales ramp-up time