Why you need the Talent Audit

Use the Talent Audit when you are:

  • Setting up a high potential program for sales Management
  • Involved in a succession planning program
  • Implementing a new sales strategy
  • Restructuring your sales team in a downsizing mode or looking to re-deploy resources

Use the Talent Audit when you need to know:

  • Who has the best potential to fill critical open sales positions?
  • What sales talent do I have?
  • What training and development will have the most impact in developing my key sales talent?
  • What support will my salespeople need to succeed?
  • Who are my future sales managers and what development will they need?
  • Whom should I select for my next sales job opening?

Client Successes

“We performed the Talent Audit because we had a team that was new to the region and we had no idea what their skill sets were. We ran their scores against several competencies, and we were able to create individual course curricula to address areas where they scored high and low. This became part of an accreditation program where they are completing courses to develop their specific skill sets to be a successful manager in the field. There are a lot of assessment companies out there but all of them failed to provide an aggregate report like Chally does. Chally’s individual reports were also amazing. We appreciated the coaching tips which allowed the supervisors to work with the individuals on specific development opportunities.”

-Jeff Patton, Group Manager Sales Performance and Leadership Development Verizon

Talent Audit

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