Our Mission

Our Mission

Chally’s mission is to assist clients in increasing sales and management productivity and profitability. We do this by helping them to systematically match sales, service and leadership personnel to top performance requirements. We also help to match talent management strategies to the added value needs that predict customer satisfaction and prospect buying.

We work with a client to:

  • Create selection and developmental assessment profiles that are accurate in predicting future job performance.
  • Evaluate sales force performance against concrete benchmarks of the top World Class sales forces.
  • Establish precise measurements of customer satisfaction with sales, service and leadership that accurately predict sales performance by individual or team.
  • Provide a Talent Audit to review potential improvements in sales and management performance against forecast.
  • Identify the most practical and cost-effective business improvements with statistical precision.

Client Successes

“People are our most important resource. WinWholesale has used Chally as an additional data point in our recruiting process. The Chally assessment method allows us to understand candidates at a deeper level and ensure the success of the people we hire and the success of our company.”

Rick Schwartz, CEO and Chairman of the Board, WinWholesale