Our Difference

Our Difference

The same talent management “problems” have occurred for the past 100 years: a high rate of selection, development, retention and succession failure by utilizing science based on anecdotal and descriptive data.  Chally’s methodology utilizes precise, actuarial and predictive science.

Our critical points of differentiation are through a dramatically more advanced “continuous talent improvement” technology for measuring, tracking, predicting and greatly improving human performance.

1. Our Technology

Our technology produces extremely accurate and precise measurement with such high resolution that it far exceeds the traditional descriptive technology in its ability to consistently identify and differentiate the many very small but critical elements that cumulatively define the variations and types of human talent as well as the limits of an individual’s or group’s potential.

  • Using actuarial level procedures on collections of 866 data points that define an individual “talent DNA” analogous to our biological DNA
  • Our unparalleled database consists of a collection of 40 years’ worth of sales and leadership characteristics and competencies

2. Our Reliability

  • One data collection is good for permanent use… Convenient, Cost effective, Non-intrusive
  • Test re-test studies (true measures versus the typical mathematical estimate) confirm stability over time: Results typically change less than 5% change in real numbers. This results in little or no essential interpretive change
  • Personality assessment can change fairly quickly and fairly dramatically because these assessments can be influenced by situational circumstances or life events, but Predictive level Talent DNA that Chally can identify doesn’t change.

3. Actuarial Science

  • Reported and supposed predictive accuracy for descriptive tests do not pass the “placebo” standard and can be essentially explained by the experimenter bias effect underlying most hypothesis checks and typically represent only the most successful case studies. They usually do not represent typical or unbiased outcomes or effectiveness.
  • Chally’s non-manipulatable data collection system permits  a universally consistent  environment that requires no additional design, costly controls, or external involvement but still produces objective and dependable input data

4. More Than a Personality Test

  • Personality tests have been proven to be trainable in a law case
  • The Internet often provides “cheating” programs to defeat many descriptive assessment tools
  • Descriptive personality and other tests measures a person’s present “actual” i.e. present behavior or deportment, but cannot predict future behavior or deportment