Chally was founded in 1973 through a grant from the U.S. Justice Department to develop selection assessments to measure the skills and motivations of law enforcement candidates and predict who would be most successful.  Our measurements had to be accurate, statistically valid predictors, and legally defensible. Our success with the Justice Department led us to our next goal which was to adapt our assessments to the study of managers, salespeople, and key leadership roles. Since that time, we have developed databases of more than 500,000 salespeople, leaders, and professionals.

Today, Chally is an internationally recognized business analytics leader in assessing and predicting future performance for sales, service, and leadership positions, evaluating developmental needs, sales force benchmarking, and customer and market audits. Chally is recognized as the pioneer in maintaining the only World Class Sales benchmark database and also conducts the annual Global Leadership Research project in conjunction with Chief Executive magazine’s “Best Companies for Leaders.”