Business Case

A waste management company needed to take advantage of identified changes in the composition of its workforce and increase sales potential in its Sales Professional role.

Project Goals

To develop a profile that accurately embodied the Sales Professional role and statistically differentiated top performers from bottom performers.


Selected a Chally profile based on the results of criteria and content-related validity evidence from several large sample studies of positions determined to be highly similar to the Sales Professional position. The profile was tested on Chally’s archival database and demonstrated no adverse impact across age, gender, or race.


Sales Professionals who earned high scores on the Chally position profile achieved on average 74% higher attainment against their sales plans. Improvements of this magnitude were found in both stable and growth territories.


Collect performance metrics on new hires and conduct a Return on Investment (ROI) analysis to demonstrate how Chally’s assessment has contributed to the company’s bottom line.

Next Steps

The waste management company is currently collecting ROI data and making modifications to its sourcing and recruiting strategy.

Looking Forward

The waste management company is leveraging its workforce planning data in conjunction with the Chally assessment to continue to improve the performance of its workforce.