Business Case

A technology solutions provider was transitioning its sales force from selling products to selling solutions in order to be more competitive in the marketplace. Subsequently, a better understanding was needed of how its Account Executives differed in terms of selling style.

Project Goals

To develop a profile that accurately embodied the Account Executive role and statistically differentiated top performers from bottom performers. Additional goals included identifying critical areas for training and development and ways to improve market adaptability and customer satisfaction.


Developed a Gap Analysis of sales best practices which identified where Account Executives stood on various competencies and outlined key areas for improvement. Gap analyses also addressed how they could more effectively transition from a product selling orientation to a solutions selling orientation. Additionally, Chally created a custom-validated profile with a strong relationship with performance (r = .42). This correlation compares favorably to other tests that could have been used for selection. The profile was tested on Chally’s archival database and demonstrated no adverse impact across age, gender, or race.


Account Executives who were recommended on the Chally profile generated 23% more revenue than those who were not recommended. These findings were prior to Account Executives achieving full ramp-up and are equivalent to $1.5 million in additional revenue.


Collect performance metrics on new hires and conduct a Return on Investment (ROI) analysis to demonstrate how Chally’s assessment has contributed to the company’s bottom line.

Next Steps

Consider utilizing Chally tools for developmental purposes. Conduct a Talent Audit to identify where sales talent might be most effectively placed to support organizational objectives. This will also enable the technology solutions provider to focus development discussions on specific characteristics relative to the job.

Looking Forward

The technology solutions provider has filled many of the open Account Executive positions using the Chally custom profile. The company is no longer in the process of testing applicants.