Targeted Business Applications

An Innovative Application that measures skills related to specific business goals

Chally has created a unique solution that utilizes our unparalleled database to apply analytics to skills related to reaching specific business goals.  Our Targeted Business Application enables organizations to focus their overall talent management efforts on specific goals by pinpointing targeted developmental actions needed on specific competencies to reach those goals.

Don’t Let Your Strategic Vision Get Blurred by your People
You can realize these benefits by using Chally’s Targeted Business Application

  • Save money by focusing developmental efforts on the overall company needs and not wasting dollars training on other competencies that may not be as relevant to your strategic goals
  • Increase engagement by placing and developing people where they can excel and contribute to your company’s success
  • Diagnose bench strength for realignment, promotions and succession planning
  • Increase productivity and reduce turnover by understanding capabilities and focusing planning based on talent strengths and needed development

Chally’s Targeted Business Application includes analytics for these developmental challenges:

  • Business Acumen
  • Business Development
  • Customer Retention
  • Critical Business Decisions
  • Closing Sales