Predictive Assessments

State-of-the-Art Selection Systems

The Chally assessment is based on extensive and ongoing actuarial research. The database includes profile results and measures of performance for over 400,000 incumbents and candidates in sales, management, and specialized functional positions. Chally has completed over 400 validation studies and continues to leverage state-of-the-science techniques for new clients to accurately predict on-the-job performance.

Beyond Describing to Predicting

We focus on predicting success on the job rather than describing broad traits like “extroversion.” We have researched and developed scales that measure the specific skills and behaviors needed to be successful on the job. It may be interesting to know a candidate’s energy level, for example, but it is critical to know that the sales candidate can successfully prospect, resolve objections, and close.

This approach has led to identifying specific skill requirements for different positions. The skill sets required for a Strategic Account Manager, for instance, are different from those needed by someone in Inbound Telesales, even though they are both sales positions. This approach is true for sales, management, and numerous other leadership positions.

Predictive Assessments Features

  • Focused Sales and Leadership
  • Description of “on-the-job” behavior rather than abstract “good guy characteristics”
  • Validated Profiles
  • Quantified (numerical) Skill Measures
  • Coaching Tips for Weaker Skills
  • Dedicated Account Management Representatives
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Hidden (not obvious) scored items and built-in validity scales
  • Report for the Candidate available
  • “Summary” Reports available for Validated Positions
  • Selection Audit

Predictive Assessments Benefits

  • Objectively pinpoints only the skills for the specific position that affect bottom-line results
  • Focuses on specific behaviors that affect results, and that can be observed and coached
  • Substantially improves selection accuracy from existing methods
  • Predicts actual level of performance in comparison to present force; provides firm instead of vague or hedged recommendations
  • Provides immediate targets for development based on recommendations from top performers
  • Your Account Manager will acquire experience with your company in your market
  • Fewer delays and loss of good candidates
  • Discourages attempts to manipulate the test results
  • Adjusts scores of “fakers” to better reflect actual on-the-job behaviors
  • Permits non-monitored administration of the test
  • Provides results review vehicle at hiring when candidates are more receptive
  • Reduces cost to evaluate non-qualified applicants
  • Selection scales adjusted periodically to reflect new needs or market changes

Client Successes

"Top line growth is an integral part of many organizational strategies. At PercioStrategies, we focus on coaching and consulting sales organizations - helping our clients accelerate top line growth. We have been affiliated with Chally for several years and our clients have truly benefited. For those companies who do not have enough critical mass or sales history to validate the characteristics of a sales position - Chally offers predictive science that assists in making a well informed decision and avoiding costly hiring mistakes which adversely impact sales growth. As the pace picks up on hiring, Chally is an invaluable tool for both organizations and sales people to ensure a good fit."

Cindy Domanowski