PerformanceTrac 2.0

Tools to benchmark, improve and
optimize your most vital asset –

your people!

In order to position your organization for future success, you must differentiate high and low performers and enable leadership to guide employees to become the productive, innovative and high-performing force necessary to survive and thrive. The PerformanceTrac 2.0TM talent management tool can help leadership make those vital decisions by providing the analytics needed for laser-focused development. It is designed to diagnose an organization’s workforce potential and compare that data with a measurement of their current state of performance to determine the exact workforce transition and developmental plan needed to meet your strategic goals. Once gaps are identified, your learning and development function can prescribe training, coaching and development to ensure you get the most return out of your training investment.

A Dynamic Talent Management
Tool that Answers These Questions:

  • Who has the most potential to fill critical positions on my sales or leadership teams?
  • How do I create a workforce transition plan to optimize talent utilization?
  • What training / development will have the most impact on their success?
  • Who are your future sales managers and leaders and what development will they need?
  • How do I reduce turnover and increase productivity with my current workforce?
  • How do I mentor and development employees so they grow and stay motivated?

PerformanceTrac 2.0

The core offering includes several value-added components to assist in your development planning.

Executive Summary report – that summarizes the results of your employees on the Chally Sales and Management profile. These reports include a 9-Box Grid for each of the competencies to get a view of the team’s potential and performance with highlighted areas of recommended coaching and development.

Aggregate e-report – designed for senior executives, this spreadsheet is complete with Potential and Observed (Multi-Rater) scoring by individual, competency and profile.

Individual Report – designed to provide the participant valuable feedback from their raters to assist them in gaining a better understanding of their strengths and opportunities for improvement and how to focus on their development plan.