Interview Evaluations

Interview Evaluations

The 30-30-30-10 Rule to Talent Selection

Chally encourages clients to consider balanced, multi-phase systems for the most effective candidate selection results. We recommend the “30-30-30-10 Rule” be followed. Thirty percent of a final selection should be based on test results, 30% on background information and reference checks, 30% based on interview results and the final 10% on perceived fit with the company’s culture.

To assist clients in implementing a structured, scorable interview process, Chally offers tailored Interview Evaluations and an Interview Guide

Interview Evaluations

Chally has created Interview Evaluation forms for specific positions with cone questions for each of the critical success skills that have been identified for that particular position. Research has shown the cone question approach is the most effective process for interviewing. When using this approach, the interviewer asks open-ended questions which focus on characteristics sought in the candidate. An alternate set of cone questions for each of the critical success skills is also available so if there is more than one person interviewing a candidate, you will automatically have cone questions for both people responsible for interviewing. Both forms of the evaluation include a rating scale to score answers.

Interview Guide

This Guide provides information on basic techniques that can increase confidence in the outcome of the interview process. It covers the key factors that research has shown to be most useful and beneficial when trying to hire the right people.

Typical Contents of an Interview Guide

Interviewing as Part of a Selection System

  • Review the Critical Criteria for the position including job expectations and critical success skills
  • Define the Hiring Process – the most economical and objective process
  • Prepare for the Interview Sessions – select a method, establish an interview team, review what common mistakes to avoid, determine company information to review with candidates

Conducting In-Depth Interviews

  • Use the Cone Questions Developed for Position Profile

Conducting Follow-Up Interviews

  • How to Integrate Interview Impressions and Objective Testing Data That May Conflict


  • Alternate Cone Questions
  • How to Get Valid Information in a Background Check
  • Practical Tips of Excellent Interviewers

Background Screening:

Chally has partnered with SkillSurvey as another example of our commitment to deliver best-practice solutions for applicants, recruiters, and hiring managers.  SkillSurvey’s PreHire 360 automates the process of gathering input from an applicant’s references by using behaviorally-based surveys delivered through email.  Confidential input from managers, peers, subordinates and business partners provides a multi-dimensional view of the candidate’s past performance.   Go to for more information.