Customer Feedback Surveys & Competitor Analysis

Organizations strive to become the undisputed vendor of choice in their markets. Loyal customers are substantially more profitable. Loyalty, however, has less to do with the features of the product or services sold than with the ability to guarantee the resulting benefit the customer seeks.

Identifies Key Customer Purchasing Factors

Chally’s Customer Feedback and Competitor Analysis application is a powerful, predictive management tool that can accurately identify and measure the key factors that influence customers’ purchase decisions. The customer survey:

  • Identifies strengths and weaknesses of competitors
  • Sets objective valuation of priorities and changes to sales strategy and tactics
  • Provides accurate measures of salesperson performance
  • Demonstrates commitment to improvement to both customers and prospects
  • Gains a better understanding of current customers’ needs and levels of satisfaction in order to keep the customer base satisfied
  • Measures product and service value