Clients Successes

Clients Successes
  • Increases Productivity and Efficiency …
  • Improves Our Hiring Process …
  • Delivers Accurate and Compelling Data for Better Performance Predictability …
  • Provides Excellent Service … Enriches Quality of Data with World Class Research …
  • Is Comprehensive, Much More than a Personality Test …
  • Ensures We Are Completely Satisfied …
  • Is Great Value, Saves Money …

“Top line growth is an integral part of many organizational strategies. At PercioStrategies, we focus on coaching and consulting sales organizations – helping our clients accelerate top line growth. We have been affiliated with Chally for several years and our clients have truly benefited. For those companies who do not have enough critical mass or sales history to validate the characteristics of a sales position – Chally offers predictive science that assists in making a well informed decision and avoiding costly hiring mistakes which adversely impact sales growth. As the pace picks up on hiring, Chally is an invaluable tool for both organizations and sales people to ensure a good fit.”
-Cindy Domanowski, PercioStrategies

“Chally’s assessment has given us more insight so we can be more confident of our hiring decision. We can gauge training much better by predicting what is needed. This shortens the ramp-up time by at least one-third.  We never hire candidates who were rated ‘Not Recommended’ by Chally. We have hired a ‘Recommended with Concerns’ candidate and that rep’s performance has followed the concerns that the assessment indicated.”
-Faith Curtiss, Staffing Manager
American Heart Association – Mid-Atlantic Affiliate

“Chally has helped us understand traits of our sales force in a more granular way. It brought focus and clarity to traits and characteristics of our top performing sales representatives so we can use that as a benchmark when hiring new sales reps. We are also much more disciplined in our hiring process.”
-John Barb, VP Sales Effectiveness
xpedx – a Division of International Paper

“Our objectives were to truly partner with a company that would have predictive scales, an assessment that was validated, and the research behind it. We went through an assessment process of looking at about fifty companies. We narrowed it down to three companies to come on site and actually do a presentation. [After consideration,] Chally – through their professionalism and the validity of the assessment – there was no other choice for us. They have exceeded our expectations, and I can tell you, I’m a tough customer. We’re just very, very pleased that we partnered with Chally.”
-Giavonni Gibson, Executive Vice President
Carolina First Bank, Human Resources

“We were looking for a validated selection tool that would be predictive, meet EEOC requirements, and really work. The online assessment has proven to be one of the most valuable aspects to us. We are very satisfied with the accuracy, because we know through a validation study that it is indeed accurate and predictive.”
-Martin Wikoff, Ph.D.
VP, Sales Force & Leadership Development, KI

“The Chally staff is very helpful and the materials provided in the Certification Training are very thorough. Our Sales Directors utilize the Chally Interview Guides which prepare them to probe deeper into the characteristics of the positions’ benchmarked success profile.”
-Mark Schell, Director of Staffing
Entertainment Publications

“We’ve used Chally’s World Class Sales Research to help us define our fundamental sales strategy. By responding to Chally’s findings with a sales approach consistent with customer needs and expectations, we’ve realized four share point gains and nearly $1 billion per year gains in revenue over the past six years. Additionally, our customer loyalty is in excess of 94% annually, and in recent years we’ve won several accounts previously unattainable.”
-Bill Gibson, Director – Fleet and Commercial Sales
General Motors Corporation

“It seems a business paradox that a professional discipline as important as sales is given so little attention in college and university curricula. Chally helps to fill that void with a clear, concise insight into “world class sales” of the 21st century. If sales growth is important to you – Chally’s information is invaluable.”
-Tom Weisenbach, Senior Vice President
International Paper

“We use Chally in a wide variety of ways. For our Fleet Account Executive assessment process, organizational development process, and world-class benchmarking to help us understand where we are weak and where we need to get stronger. We also use Chally to conduct customer surveys for us on an annual basis to identify what we are really good at and what we need to get better at in meeting our customers’ needs. That’s all been very positive for us. In addition, we’ve also used Chally’s services to help us get a better understanding of what’s going on in the sales world.”
-Roz Ward Nelson, National Accounts
GM Fleet & Commercial Sales

“After Chally’s analysis, we were able to understand where our clients and prospects were, modify our marketing materials and sales approaches, and implement changes … we were successful. The system works and will enable individual business to sell more business, retain more customers, cross sell and invigorate our sales force.”
-James B. Weil, Vice President
Metlife – Mature Market Group

“We performed the Talent Audit because we had a team that was new to the region and we had no idea what their skill sets were. We ran their scores against several competencies, and we were able to create individual course curricula to address areas where they scored high and low. This became part of an accreditation program where they are completing courses to develop their specific skill sets to be a successful manager in the field. There are a lot of assessment companies out there but all of them failed to provide an aggregate report like Chally does. Chally’s individual reports were also amazing. We appreciated the coaching tips which allowed the supervisors to work with the individuals on specific development opportunities.”
-Jeff Patton, Group Manager
Sales Performance and Leadership Development