Reynolds & Reynolds

Reynolds & Reynolds

The Situation

While it’s true that autos are the most important things moving in and out of car dealerships, documents cannot be far behind. As a large, well-known provider of business forms and services, Reynolds & Reynolds has a significant contingent of salespeople calling on auto dealers. The company’s information based management systems are critical to business operations and are sold to dealers and dealer groups in both urban and rural locations.

Although Reynolds & Reynolds has a long and successful track record, management felt it could get even more out of its sales force. Thanks to an ongoing association with Chally Group Worldwide, the company had a ready partner to help it gain a perspective on the challenges and opportunities that faced its sales force.

The Solution

Deploying People in a Way That Produces Great Results

Chally’s research revealed that the Reynolds & Reynolds’ market required two distinct types of sales skills. Generally, smaller dealerships were located primarily in rural locations and were single owners who tended to be entrepreneurial in nature. On the other hand, larger markets tended to be comprised of dealer groups and organizations with several stores whose needs and decision-making process were more complex.

While there were very definable differences in the types of dealers, it was apparent that Reynolds & Reynolds’ salespeople were assigned without regard to the type of customer.

Chally’s research helped Reynolds & Reynolds segment its sales force based on defining the skills needed to be a highly effective consultive or relationship sales performer.

Consultive Sales in Large Market Locations

Urban markets with larger dealer groups clearly responded best to the consultive sale approach. Salespeople who fit this model tend to be more business managers. They are also oriented to the design, implementation, and education required to meet customer challenges. These salespeople work best with the ever-changing and more technology-dependent operations of the larger dealer groups.

Relationship Builders in Small Market and Rural Locations

Because the smaller dealerships tended to be controlled by single decision-makers, these dealerships seemed to be best served by relationship-oriented salespeople who were able to provide a high level of individual contact and personal service.

The Results

Results That Are Paying Off For Everyone

By realigning its sales force based on Chally Group Worldwide’s customer research, Reynolds & Reynolds has benefited significantly, gaining more productivity from its sales personnel and greater customer satisfaction. The company also delivers improved customer service across the board.

The principles learned through Chally’s customer research are now applied to hiring and training. The company is now selecting new sales candidates using the Chally selection assessment process. Reynolds & Reynolds is now succeeding in staffing its sales organization with more productive salespeople, who are highly committed to the company.

Impact of Chally Group Worldwide’s Methods

Reynolds & Reynolds senior management believes that Chally Group Worldwide had a very positive impact on overall business results:

  • Chally played a major role in the group’s ability to double sales over a five-year period.
  • The Chally selection assessment process helped make sure we had the right people in the right job we were able to keep our sales turnover rate in the single-digit range.
  • The Chally assessment played a major role in helping us evaluate and assimilate new personnel from acquisitions.

The Chally process assisted us in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of our sales force and was the catalyst for reshaping training programs.

Client Successes

“I have not seen a better tool for predicting sales success in the 12 years I have been in this business. The Chally process really works!”

Robert Nevin, President (retired), Automotive Group