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The Chally assessment is based on extensive and ongoing actuarial research. The database includes profile results and measures of performance for over 400,000 incumbents and candidates in sales, management, and specialized functional positions. Chally has completed over 400 validation studies and continues to leverage state-of-the-science techniques for new clients to accurately predict on-the-job performance.

Beyon Describing to PredictingBeyond Describing to Predicting

We focus on predicting success on the job rather than describing broad traits like “extroversion.” We have researched and developed scales that measure the specific skills and behaviors needed to be successful on the job. It may be interesting to know a candidate’s energy level, for example, but it is critical to know that the sales candidate can successfully prospect, resolve objections, and close.
This approach has led to identifying specific skill requirements for different positions. The skill sets required for a Strategic Account Manager, for instance, are different from those needed by someone in Inbound Telesales, even though they are both sales positions. This approach is true for sales, management, and numerous other leadership positions.

User Friendly Results

The Chally Reports have been designed to provide detailed information in a simple format. The first page provides a complete overview of results, including the scores for each job skill and one of three recommendations.



Recommended (with concerns)

Not Recommended

Additionally, it provides a specific listing of the major motivational and personal drivers for the candidate (typically 5-9 different factors) with matching management suggestions for maximizing the candidate’s effectiveness.

Reports are also available in different formats depending on your need such as:

  • Best match
  • Personal Assessment Results
  • Predictive Strengths Indicator

In addition to various report formats, Chally also provides consulting on a structured interview process with interview guides, Coaching Guides and Profile Interpretation manual for each role.

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"We use Chally in a wide variety of ways. For our Fleet Account Executive assessment process, organizational development process, and world-class benchmarking to help us understand where we are weak and where we need to get stronger. … That's all been very positive for us. …."

-Roz Ward Nelson, National Accounts GM Fleet & Commercial Sales

"We were looking for a validated selection tool that would be predictive, meet EEOC requirements, and really work. The online assessment has proven to be one of the most valuable aspects to us. We are very satisfied with the accuracy, because we know through a validation study that it is indeed accurate and predictive."

-Martin Wikoff, Ph.D. VP, Sales Force & Leadership Development, KI