The Future of Selling

The Future of Selling

An encyclopedic view of sales research… Exciting new vision of how sales is rapidly changing from conventional wisdom, and tips on how to prepare for the FUTURE.

About The Series

The future of selling is happening now, and that’s why we’ve written this book. It provides a roadmap for where the art (and science) of selling is today and exactly where it’s headed. Each volume encapsulates over 20 years of data collected through world class sales research and provides an encyclopedia of information about each aspect of selling.

Features a Nine Volume set of research content that captures all aspects of Sales:

  • Selling
  • Sales Training
  • Sales People
  • Sales Process
  • Sales Metrics
  • Sales Technology
  • Sales Teams
  • Marketing Teams
  • Sales Management



“The New Selling of America” and “The Science of Sales”

Includes feature interviews from some of the most eminent practitioners and thinkers in the business:

Sales Experts:

David DiStefano Richardson

Gerhard Gschwandtner Selling Power

Neil Rackham Author & Industry Expert

Howard Stevens Chally Group Worldwide

Andy Zoltners ZS Consulting

Academic Leaders:

Walter Friedman Harvard University

Eli Jones Univ. of Arkansas

David Roberts Univ. of North Carolina

Lynn Schleeter St. Catherine Univ.

Daniel Strunk DePaul Univ.

Corporate Executives:

Sanford Brown Heartland Payment Systems

David Edmonds FedEx

Dr. Judy Fick Global Sales & Solutions Executive

Leonard Frey GrafTech International / IBM

Tom Kadien International Paper

Mark Keiffer AT&T

Brett Queener

Anneke Seley Reality Works Group

Bill Scannell EMC Corporation

Derek Wilson Xerox

Series Review

“Howard Stevens has been a student of the sales world for more than 40 years. The Future of Selling is not just a one dimensional, unscientific look at the space, but a many faceted view of the litany of initiatives that influence sales performance. This is a life time of research and experience from 100’s of consulting engagements condensed into easy to absorb modules. Any sales executive leading large or small forces should use The Future of Selling material to build strategic plans, coach their sales leadership teams, provide team direction, provide insight to sales tactics, educate sales managers and reps, determine sales training curriculum, assess current sales practices and process. In less than an hour, you can skim the 9 modules and extract action items from the data. In addition, there are 2 DVDs included with a wealth of insight from top sales leaders, academic thought-leaders and sales consultants like Gerhard Gschwandtner, of Selling Power, Author and world renowned Sales Researcher Neil Rackham, Derek Wilson of Xerox, Andy Zoltners of ZS Consulting and many others. With the support and expertise of Author and Sales Blogger, Geoffrey James this is a sales leader’s “tool kit” not just a book series. Absorbing The Future of Selling will help you seize opportunities before your competition does. I strongly encourage you to put it on top of your reading pile, it won’t take more than the next short hop plane ride and you will be glad you made the investment of time.” John Hoskins Co Founder, SalesGenomix – The Sales Talent Discovery System

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Howard Stevens

About The Author

Howard Stevens

Howard Stevens is Chairman of Chally Group Worldwide. Mr. Stevens specializes in leadership development, succession planning, customer and market analysis, and sales benchmarking. He is the creator of the original sales product lifecycle classifications and designed the major 5-year longitudinal study of leadership development for the U.S. Department of Defense and NASA.

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Neil Rackham: Taxonomic Considerations in Creating a Sales Research Agenda

"The sheer size and comprehensiveness of the Chally databases makes them unique in the sales field.  Chally’s work in the selling area has been evolving since the 1970’s; Chally celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2013.   Because of its continuous evolution, there is no single Chally model, Chally database or even Chally approach.  In addition to amassing an impressive sales database of 400,000 salespeople, Chally has made significant contributions to sales benchmarking methodology and research.  Add to this approximately 400 predictive validation studies and it is easy to see why the body of Chally’s work would be a solid starting point for developing a sales taxonomy.  An additional advantage is that one of the acknowledged strengths of Chally is the long association between the company and academic sales researchers... Chally’s data has been used to help establish research priorities in sales strategy and performance (Leigh & Marshall, 2001)…Their special competence has been what could be called ‘talent analytics."