Global Research

The Most Comprehensive Database of Performance Research

Chally maintains a 40+ year database of more than 500,000 sales, management, and specialist positions, over half of whose performance has been tracked.  With the most extensive criteria-based sales force validity studies, Chally has helped clients increase productivity and profits in ways, and to degrees, they have never previously seen.

Short-Term & Long-Range Research

Chally continually provides cutting edge research with heavy concentration in Sales and Leadership.  We are continually performing client-centered research activities of a short-term nature in addition to long-range research projects with the goal of analyzing data across organizations and industries. This data is used to innovate and evaluate management practices using the scientific method. We apply the innovations to client organizations as well as publish and present findings during scientific conferences, peer-reviewed journals, and other scientific institutions to substantiate our research.

Chally is well-known for our World Class Sales Research and has recently published results from a Global Leadership Research Project.  We provide various white papers, written by subject matter experts, which further define research findings.

Executive Briefs/Product Brochures

World Class Sales Research

Global Leadership Research Project