Business Case

A freight brokerage company needed to increase the effectiveness of its Account Executive workforce due to increasing pricing pressures and the implementation of new total quality management practices.

Project Goals

To develop a profile that accurately embodied the Account Executive role and statistically differentiated top performers from bottom performers.


Created a custom-validated profile with a strong relationship with performance (r= .37). This correlation compares favorably to other tests that could have been used for selection. The profile was tested on Chally’s archival database and demonstrated no adverse impact across age, gender, or race.


Account Executives at a freight brokerage firm who were recommended on the Chally profile facilitated 23% more freight movements than those who were not recommended. In addition, high-scoring Account Executives also generated 20% more revenue.


Collect performance metrics on new hires and conduct a Return on Investment (ROI) analysis to demonstrate how Chally’s assessment has contributed to the company’s bottom line.

Next Steps

Continue to train new managers on the use of the Chally assessment in the company’s hiring process.

Looking Forward

The freight brokerage company continues to monitor the effectiveness of its overall hiring strategy.