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Ten Serious Things You Should Consider When Measuring or Transforming Your Organization

The business of assessment, psychometrics and industrial/organizational psychology continues to grow, but there also continues to be a lack of governance and oversight to ensure providers are actually adhering to some standard of excellence. After 40 years of partnering with numerous global and Fortune 500 companies to help provide them with best practices on personnel selection, interviewing, development, on-boarding and upgrading their sales, service and leadership organizations, Chally has constructed the following guidelines to help new companies critically evaluate their potential business partners to help ensure their brand and quality are supported.

 1. Does your business partner of choice actually understand your business?

Routinely, Talent Management practitioners, sales leaders and executives are challenged to understand their own talent, or upgrade the talent they have. Chally has been exposed to every talent management-driven, process-oriented solution all the way up to sales and CEO-driven transformations. None are completely wrong. Few are entirely right. Chally knows the importance of starting with strategy, which provides the framework and structure; which then leads to the people, their competencies, and activities, which ultimately lead to results. Look for facts to solidify opinions. Do not assume a dominant salesperson wins, an extraverted customer service representative retains or an aggressive leader can lead. Chally can show you the data to help your company make more effective decisions.

2. Does the partner solution have content that is focused on sales, service, and leadership positions?  Is the solution flexible to meet your changing needs over time?

Talent management solutions are a dime-a-dozen.  Does the solution provider really have depth of expertise and know what they are doing?  Have they done it before and can they speak the language of business?  Chally has helped transform some of the biggest, toughest, most complex global organizations of the world.  Think you have problems?  We’ve likely seen it.  We can likely help.  We’ve likely done it already.

3. Does your business partner of choice maintain a research archive that can document relevance of understanding of your organization, what it sells, how it sells it, who it services and how it leads and the relevant comparison points?

Chally has an unparalleled global database of over 500,000 Business-to-Business sales, service, and leadership professionals with which we can benchmark your team. This is a fact. Most other providers use validity generalization (job component validity) which means the provider is comparing your salespeople and leaders to groups like truck drivers, grocery checkers and gas station managers. Don’t be fooled; ask who the comparative group really is.

4. Is your business partner of choice a member of the American Psychological Association (APA), American Psychological Society (APS), Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychology (SIOP), or another professional organization that ensures ethical, legal and statistical guidelines for creating instruments that measure human potential, behavior or aptitude related to sales, service, and leadership roles?

Chally employs senior Ph.D. and Masters degreed professionals in industrial/organizational psychology who are globally recognized and have an average of over 15 years of experience bringing value to global and Fortune 1000 corporations.  Proper credentials and experience are critical to ensure quality work.  Don’t be fooled by flash, be cautious about quality measurement.

5. Is the instrument of choice (i.e., application, tool, assessment, multi-rater) supported by a robust technical manual that addresses critical industry standards such as validity, validation process and practices?

Chally’s assessment manual contains detailed information on the development, validation, norm groups and best practices for our methods, which adhere to the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures, Principles from the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and APA Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing to guide the development of our manual and specific technical reports.

6. Is each solution from your partner of choice (off-the-shelf or customized) supported by a technical report that is organized according to the standards outlined in the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures that are relevant and specific to the target role?   Are they fair and legally defensible?

Chally provides summaries of validation results for every position for which we provide a solution.  This means you are protected with proof of statistical relevance of the solution you are using, in the unlikely event of a legal challenge to your organization.  Chally maintains a large research base that allows us to investigate fairness of the solution for gender, age and ethnicity.

 7. Can results of the assessment, survey or multi-rater be aggregated to provide a diagnostic view of the entire sales, service, or leadership organization? 

Individual matters are important at the individual level, but it is critical that we understand what that means from a macro-economic perspective. Where do you invest in hiring practices? Where do you invest in training and on-boarding? How do you support strategy, market-segmentation and compensation plans? What do you do with succession planning for leaders? Chally has a flexible solution to answer these questions called a Talent Audit.

8. Is the administration system easy to use, integrate and implement?

Chally has a proprietary online system called HR Assistant that makes it simple to administer, retrieve and deliver results. Chally is also HRXML compliant, which means we can integrate with your existing systems. Our competency library is the most robust in the industry, measuring 140 unique facets of sales, service, and leadership that can drive access to individual results, business unit results, corporate-wide results, structured interview guides, on-boarding reports and a unique proprietary multi-rater system called Performance Trac that produces unique multi-rater tools specific to each job’s unique skill set. All of this comes standard with the industry’s richest content related to actionable competencies.

 9. Does the business partner have additional services to offer beyond immediate capabilities?

So what?  Now what?  Chally has the most comprehensive organizational diagnostic tools for sales, service, and leadership roles. Our proprietary assessment and software can inform you at the company, group or individual level what strengths to leverage and what gaps you need to close to be successful.  Following that, customers can gain access to the Chally preferred provider network of premier sales strategy, sales training, and leadership development companies across the globe to make sure that the right treatment plan is executed to meet your needs.

10. Does your partner of choice have a viewpoint, philosophy and approach to bringing best practices to your organization?

Chally will challenge and push your organization. Get out of your comfort zone; challenge us to challenge you – don’t pay us to help you do nothing. If we don’t know about what will help you be better, then we will figure it out and bring it to you. If you do not succeed, neither do we.

Sales, service, and leadership roles are the most critical jobs for most every company. Chally is invested in helping ensure companies make more effective choices. We hope you have found the criteria useful in helping you evaluate a partner or vendor.