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Is “High Potential” the Corporate Version of “Nice”?

by Tracey Wik

When you hear someone described as “nice” it evokes a particular image, but I doubt it tells you much of significance about the person. The same could be said of “high potential” when discussing leadership development. (more…)

Nothing Happens Until Somebody Sells Something … Or Does it?

Next time you’re at a sales meeting, look at the salesperson to your left and then to your right … in 5 years one of the two won’t be in sales anymore. Of the approximately 1.9 million salespeople in this country, nearly half will be replaced by alternative channels between buyers and sellers. So predicts Neil Rackham, perhaps the world’s most preeminent sales researcher today.


Always Be Closing… With the Right Competency Set

There has been a great deal of research and discussion in the field of Industrial/Organizational Psychology on the topic of broad versus narrow traits in predicting outcomes. (more…)

Does Spending A Lot To Duplicate Your “A” Players Work?


One of the favorite “Consultants” solutions to building sales force productivity goes like this: Study and identify the techniques of your “A” players, your superstars (the top 20%). Then, train the rest to use these winning techniques. They typically offer case studies and examples. So let’s test this sales myth with a little common sense and basic sales math. (more…)