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Selling Successfully In The 21st Century

Research on customer satisfaction indicates that 80% of all vendor deserters rated their previous vendor as “good” to “very good.” However, customers who rated their vendor as “very good to excellent” were 42% more likely to remain loyal². (more…)

Beware Of The Evil Case Study

Business is “supposedly” all about ROI… (more…)

The Most Common Myths About Sales And Salespeople

Quantitative and scientifically rigorous research can often debunk long-held “traditional wisdom.” Modern “business-to-business” research measuring customer purchase choices, as well as sales force and individual salesperson effectiveness, has provided many of the biggest surprises.


Applying TQM Techniques To Sales

Putting the right sales people in the right sales jobs using measurable, predictable, and actionable productivity analytics technology.


Has 50 Years Of The “Personality Test” Monopoly Compromised Productivity?

Have we taken a ride on the reading railroad…without passing go…or collecting our $200?